Work begins on reconstruction of water supply facilities in Delnice, Fužine and Brod Moravice

February 2020

The reconstruction of the water supply facilities Phase 4c in town of Delnice and the municipalities of Fuzine and Brod Moravica begins in February 2020. The public procurement procedure was carried out and the contractor Građevinar doo Čabar was selected. Expert supervision is the Duel project d.o.o from Rijeka. The contract value of the work is HRK 7,826,618.37 out of which the Swiss contribution is HRK 4,969,100.00. The deadline for completion of the works is 18 months. 

Within the project, the following water supply facilities are being rehabilitated: in the Delnice area, rehabilitation of 7 water reservoirs and 2 pumping stations, in the Fuzina area rehabilitation of 3 water reservoirs and 2 pumping stations, and in the Brod Moravica area, rehabilitation of 10 water reservoirs and one pumping station. Completion of the works will improve the quality of water supply services for the population.

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