Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme

The contribution of Switzerland is an important element of bilateral relations between Switzerland and Croatia. The Swiss-Croatian cooperation program will improve many aspects of bilateral relations, such as promoting Swiss solidarity, establishing Swiss-Croatian institutional partnerships, promoting Swiss presence and visibility, and positive use of Swiss knowledge and experience.

For the Republic of Croatia, Switzerland has provided funds in the amount of 45 million CHF for the purpose of reducing economic and social inequalities within the enlarged European Union for the period of availability of funds from December 11th 2014 to May 31st 2017.

For a part of the investment in water-communal infrastructure, the amount of up to 21.5 million Swiss francs was secured. The financial resources of the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program will be spent in areas with low economic and social indicators. The principles of the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program are: transparency, social inclusion, equal opportunities and rights, environmental sustainability, commitment of all involved, subsidiarity and decentralization.

In Croatia, apart from environmental and infrastructure projects, from the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program are also funded demining and socio-economic integration programs, the Eurostars project, the program of excellence in higher education and the project for the modernization of vocational education and training programs.

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