Project objective

The project will improve sewage and wastewater treatment as well as water supply infrastructure in the municipality of Fužne.

Project scope

The project will contribute to the protection of groundwater and surface waters of the Danube basin and sustainable economic development, as a better and more reliable access to public utility services will be provided in the municipality of Fužine. Furthermore, the project will reduce the operating costs of the water supply network, water losses in the network and the risk of contamination of existing drinking water sources.

Estimated value

60.143.385,00 HRK

Project description

  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of water supply system in Fužine
  • Installation of equipment and establishment of nus and monitoring and control of lossess system
  • Supply of special vehicles and equipment (for empting sewage disposal tank, cctv cameras), promotion and visibility, financial audit
  • Construction of public wastewater system of parts of the municipality of Fužine 2400 es

Total works

  • Water supply – 15,86 km of pipeline,  repair of 3 water reservoirs and 2 pumping stations
  • Wastewater – 22,11 km of collectors, 22 pumping stations,  Fužine wastewater device capacity of 2400 es
  • Estimated time of implementation: 2018-2021
  • Source of financing:  swiss contribution up to 85% (max. 7.303.125,35 chf)
  • National funds  15% (Hrvatske vode and local component)

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