Construction of water supply system of city Delnice – phase 3 starts

January 2020

The construction of water supply and waste- water collection systems in the city of Delnice – phase 3 started in January 2020.  Contract with the consortium Iskopi i transporti Belobrajdić d.o.o. Delnice and Vilmet d.o.o. Matulji was signed in December 2019. The planned deadline for completion of works is 18 months. Technical Supervision of construction works is carried out by the consortium Site Competence d.o.o. Zagreb and Eko Expert d.o.o. Zagreb. Overall value of the construction and technical supervision is HRK 39,426,540.15, out of which the Swiss contribution is HRK 20,889,044.97.

This project will enable Delnice and Lučice area to be fully connected to the sewer collector and to the Delnice sewage treatment plant. This will also improve the quality of Kupica water source, which is the main supply of drinking water for Gorski kotar (City of Delnice and municipalities Mrkopalj and Ravna Gora). 

The project will include the construction of a public drainage system for the neighbouring settlements of Delnice (Vučnik, Ploškovo, Grabanj, Javornik) and Lučice settlement, which will allow the drainage and connections to the drainage system of the city of Delnice. The total length of sanitary pipelines for Delnice and Lučice is 10,309 m. With Delnice, the total length of sanitary pipelines is 3,687 m and the pressure pipelines are 921 m.

A rehabilitation of the public drainage system in Lujzijanska ulica and Ulica pjesnika (city of Delnice) will be carried out also. This will allow the drainage of the streets and connection to the drainage system of the city of Delnice area. The rehabilitation is carried out due to the poor existing drainage and the inability to maintain watertightness and the blockage of the system. The total length of the canal rehabilitation is 1,735 m.

In addition, the reconstruction of the water supply system of the Delnice agglomeration will be carried out – main and supply water pipelines in the area of Lučice and in the parts of the Delnice settlement (Vučnik, Ploškovo, Grabanj, Javornik and a part of the Luizijanska street). This will enable connection of aforementioned settlements to the existing water supply system of Delnice. The total length of the reconstruction of the water supply pipelines is 11,270 m.

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