About the project

The situation of the drainage and waste water system in the city of Delnice and the municipalities Fužine and Brod Moravice is partly satisfactory, but in the area of the entire agglomeration, it was necessary to dispose properly wastewater and to treat it according to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. In addition, there is a need to provide additional water and reduce water losses in the network. In order to build a complete, functional and sustainable drainage and sanitation wastewater system and to repair the existing water supply system and to build a new water supply system, it was inevitable to provide needed funds. For three years now, Croatia and Switzerland have been successfully cooperating in the implementation of the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program, with 11 projects in total amount of 300 million HRK. Most of this amount is invested in water-communal infrastructure improvement projects.

Water Supply and Wastewater improvement Projects in the city of Delnice and municipalities Fužine and Brod Moravice are financed from the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program, with a total value of 21.5 million Swiss francs, out of which the Swiss contribution is 85% and the contribution of the Republic of Croatia is 15 %. The Project’s objective is to improve water supply and wastewater infrastructure in the city of Delnice and municipalities Fužine and Brod Moravice in the Gorski Kotar region in Croatia, thereby contributing to the protection of the subterranean and surface waters of the Danube and Adriatic basin and sustainable economic development, as better and more reliable access to public utilities will be provided for end users in the mentioned cities and municipalities. It is expected that as a result of these projects, 90% of households will be connected to the drainage system by 2020. In addition, in the agglomerations of Delnice, Fužine, Brod Moravice the rate of drinking water loss will drop from 52% in 2015 to 34% in 2020. Planned deadline for conducting the works is 2021.

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